Custom Graphics

Let your imagination go wild! At Copy Caps, we can work with you to find the perfect image to put on your personalized ball cap. Not only do we offer our own stock images, but if you have a personal logo, a doodle, your signature, or a full-on masterpiece, we can find a way to embroider the picture on your hat.

How Does It Work?

Cost-Effective, Simple Line Designs

Well, to get your picture onto a cap we have to first digitize the design into a format that can tell our embroidery machine how to sew the design. We developed our own system which lets us automatically convert simple line art into an embroidery file.  With this cost effective system, you won’t pay a set-up charge and a relatively simple line art design on a cap usually costs about $29.00. Here’s what we need from you to do that…

  1. Provide us with an image in black and white in either a PDF, JPEG or GIF format.
  2. The design itself must be a simple, one-color line art.
  3. The lines in the design must be bold, so if it’s designed by hand, we recommend making the lines more prominent using a program (e.g. Adobe, Paint) to make the lines more noticeable.
  4. There can’t be any shaded or filled areas.

Complex Artwork and Logos

Even though just about any design or logo can be embroidered, anything more complex than the simple line art (described above) needs to be manually digitized, rather than automatically converted into an embroidery file. Sometimes we can easily set-up a design and we’ll waive the set-up. Other times, the design is just too  complex for us to easily set it up. Because the digitizing process is time consuming and labor intensive, sometimes we charge a one-time set-up charge to digitize your own complex design.  Years ago, that charge started at $85. These days, we’ve gotten it down so it now starts at $35. Keep in mind the larger and more complex the design, the more expensive it is to set-up. When you send us your design file (.pdf, .gif or .jpg) our designer will take a look and get back to you with a price quote for the caps and if applicable, the set-up charge.

Are Your Ready to Design Your Custom Cap?

If you have any questions about custom designed logos and pictures for your ball cap, don’t hesitate to contact us.