How to Build a Cap

Copy Caps provides customizable ball caps in 25 different styles with limitless possibilities for design. Whether you would like to choose from the 3,000+ online graphics that we share or you have your own unique design, we will make that hat perfect for whosever noggin you’d like to crown it on.

So, how exactly do you build a cap of your choosing?

Step 1: Pick a Font

Step 2: Pick a Graphic

Step 3: Pick a Cap

If you already have your own design, it’s even easier! Skip the first two steps and move straight to Step 3

After you have completed all of the steps, our team of designers fine tune the small details, working with you to ensure everything comes out exactly as you had imagined. You verify the final design and POOF! We customize the cap and ship out your order.

It doesn’t matter how many ball caps you need, there is no minimum requirement and definitely no maximum. We use state of the art embroidery so you can be sure you are getting superior quality.