Copy Caps wants to make sure that you understand the process and idea behind our work. With that being said, we have compiled a list of different frequently asked questions for anyone trying to get their head around the baseball cap business.

How much does it cost for my cap?

Since each cap is customized to your liking, the cost is dependent on four components:

  1. The style cap you select
  2. The number of letters sewn on your cap
  3. The graphic chosen to be sewn on your cap
  4. Where the design is located on your cap

So, for example, you get a good quality 100% cotton cap with simply five letters. This can cost as little as $17. The same cap with tons of lettering and graphics all around the cap can cost upwards of $40.

On average, a single custom cap costs between $18 and $25.


6-11 Identical Caps: 10% Discount

12+ Identical Caps: Special Pricing! Our staff will go over every individual order and formulate a fair and exciting discount for each situation.

Non-Profit Organization: Let us know – we’ll do our best.

How do I know what my cap will cost when I place an order?

Before placing your order, we have you fill out our Custom Cap Pricing Calculator. The form guides you through the entire process, start to finish, including style, font, color, graphics, quantity, etc.

After the form is submitted you will receive an automatic email with the price of your order and the remaining instructions of how to place your order. If you don’t see that email, check your Spam Folder.

Orders of more than twelve caps are reviewed by our staff and you should have a response within 24 hours. Otherwise, you should know within five minutes.

What is your return policy?

For Blank, Unembroidered Caps:

Less than 12 caps

These may be returned without a return authorization. They must be in their original condition and received within 15 days upon receiving your merchandise. We issue full refunds, less shipping charges, as long as they are in their original condition. Please include your name, address, email, and order number when you return the items.

More than 12

Unless they are defective, caps will be subject to a 15% restocking fee and a return authorization is required. Simply email us and include your name, address, order number, and an explanation as to why you would like to return them. We email you back the return authorization and further instructions.

For Custom Embroidered Caps:

Before we custom embroider any order (except from our Quick Pick selection), we email you a proof of  the design to give you an idea of what the finished product will look like. We will explain the design and give you the opportunity to approve the design or request modifications. Once approved, we process your payment and embroider the cap. This is a lot of work and time involved, so generally, we only allow for returns if we make a mistake.

If the cap doesn’t fit, it cannot be returned. This is not a one-size-fits-all cap store, so please ask if you have questions about sizes. We are always happy to discuss what we think will fit you properly.

Do you have caps with a cloth strap?

We sure do! We also carry plastic snap backs and leather straps, as well! Of course there are also Velcro and Flex-Fit. Check out our cap styles to get a full inventory of what we offer.

Do you carry fitted caps?

We carry Richardson PTS65 Fitted caps. We stock those caps in both Black and Navy in sizes from 6 5/8 through 8. Other colors are available by special order but you have to order at least 12 caps (they can be different sizes).

Do you carry New York Yankees caps?

Even if we carried licensed goods, we wouldn’t be pushing Yankee caps. We’d steer you towards a Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots cap. We are based out of Cape Cod, afterall. But simply put, no. Any NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, etc. major league and college sports teams are licensed so we cannot embroider their logos. This goes for famous cartoon mice, too.

How about Fraternity and Sorority designs? Believe it or not, most of those are also licensed.

Will you put anything on a cap?

We will put anything on a cap as long as it’s not licensed, copyrighted, or mean and hateful. If you want to walk around with a four-letter word on your head, we’ll sell it to you. Hell, we’re here to sell caps and it’s your head, not ours.

Of course, if you do order a cap with a four-letter word, we’ll do our best to make it tasteful and cool looking.

Can you scan my business card and put my logo on my cap? Can I send an original drawing?

Sure thing. We have all kinds of information about this on our Custom Graphics page.

How do you do what you do?!?

We don’t use cheesy transfers, printing or patches that will flake off. The designs are embroidered into the front, side, and/or back of your cap.

Do you do 3D “Puff” Embroidery?

Sorry, we don’t do that style of embroidery. We do flat embroidery.  Lots of embroiderers take all sorts of short cuts to reduce the time and cost of making their product. We don’t take those shortcuts. The lettering on our caps generally has two or sometimes even three layers of stitching (one or two underlays and a top stitch) and we kick up the density so the stitching is nice and dense. Our embroidery takes a bit longer to sew but the results are well worth it.

How long does this take?

Completion time depends on the number of caps you order and the complexity of the design. Usually, an order for 1 or 2 caps is shipped within a day or two of your approving the design. For 12+ caps it takes a bit longer but we’ll always tell you when you can expect your order to ship.

If you are in a rush, let us know! We’ll do our best to accommodate. Keep in mind – it takes time to embroider a big order of caps so if you call us on Monday  looking for 144 embroidered caps delivered by Friday, we’ll be honest and tell you that we won’t be able to help you.

Since 1995, we have NEVER missed a deadline.

How do you ship?

We use FedEX Express, FedEX Ground  or US Postal Service Priority Mail.  Any orders shipped to a PO Box automatically are shipped with the USPS.

For international orders, we use Air Mail for small orders, and FedEx or UPS for larger orders.

If you need a cap the next day, we’ll be happy to overnight it to you.

Domestic Shipping ranges from $6.95 to $7.95 for a single cap.  International Air Mail starts at $13.95. Please note, any customs duty or VAT collected upon delivery would be your responsibility and is beyond our knowledge or control.