Embroidery Info and Care

Copy Caps doesn’t take the cheap and easy way out when designing and customizing your baseball caps. No printing, iron-ons or transfers – we embroider your design straight into the fabric of that hat.

Designing Your Cap

We do things a little differently at Copy Caps. We decided long ago that there is a better way than one of those systems where you, the customer, manipulates the text and graphics onto a picture of a cap. Most of the time, those systems don’t give you a realistic idea of what actually fits onto a cap. The front of a baseball cap is a relatively small area – approximately 5″ (12.5 cm) wide x 2″ (5 cm) high. There’s a limit to what will fit within that space. Because embroidery is a “low resolution medium” (think of a needle and thread sewing a design into a piece of fabric), very small, intricate details won’t sew out legibly. So…rather than you waste time trying to design something that in the end won’t fit or sew out properly, we found that it works better for you to describe to us what you want on your cap and then let our professional designers go to work and set it up for you. With over 20 years of experience designing baseball caps, we know how to manipulate graphics and lettering so that it not only looks good but will sew out properly.

After you submit your order which describes what you want on your cap, your design is created in a digitized format that instructs the computerized embroidery machine how to stitch the pattern onto your cap. While the actual stitching is automated, the design work is done manually using state of the art embroidery software. Our trained artists take your instructions and create an individualized, one-of-a-kind design. We then take a screen clip of the design and email you a proof of what your design will look like in stitches. We’ll note on that proof the dimensions of the design so you can visualize how it will fit on the cap (we recommend cutting out a piece of paper the size of dimensions noted and holding it up to a cap to see how the design fits).

Once you review the proof, you have the opportunity to approve the design or ask us to make modifications. We’ll go back and forth with you until we get the design just how you want it.

Not only do we design the front of baseball caps, but the back and sides as well. This leads to even more possibilities of creating uniquely designed and individual caps. Unfortunately, the only place we are unable to embroider is the bill. Since the bill is made of plastic, the embroidery machine is unable to penetrate it. If you ever see caps with embroidered bills, it’s simply because the fabric was pre-embroidered before the cap itself was assembled, therefore something we are unable to do.

Caring for Your Cap

Baseball caps are pretty easy to care for and most can be washed. If you are concerned about the bill, don’t be. They are made of a flexible plastic and are fairly rugged. While there are some people who are gutsy enough to put their cap in the washing machine, we most certainly recommend washing it by hand with a mild detergent in warm water.

We have found some folks that put their caps through the dishwasher. A bold move and nothing that we would say no to, but please be aware of your detergent! Some dish detergent contains bleach. Not only will that alter the color of your hat, but our threads are made of rayon or polyester which cannot be exposed to bleach.

Cotton + Dryer = Shrinking

Dryers are a no-no! Caps are generally made of cotton. If you put your cap in the dryer, it doesn’t mean that your head got bigger – it means that you shrank your cap.